Low Block

Yesterday I picked up this little beauty yesterday at an antique fair. This little baby has been a long time coming. I have been working without a block for about  seven months and I truly do miss it. So my end grains and beaded ends will be properly rounded.


Playing Ketchup

Well to put it frankly; it's been a while. A lot has happened since I last took to typing. I got a new shop.   I built a bench that I have always wanted to build. This by far was the fastest and easiest workbench I have made or run across. The plans themselves I …

Working with history

This past week I have been processing the wood for the tool tray, vice, and plane stop for the new bench. For most woodworkers this part of the process my seem dull, or something they loath considering 98% of it is reclaimed and still has the original finish on it. For this it means scraping …

Cutting Boards for Sale

I currently have three cutting boards for sale. I will continue to make more, and try to keep a stock for any one who want's more than one. (all cutting boards are finished with a food-safe oil finish, hand wash only.)      

Attached at the hip

The constant hip companion My teeth with a deep bite; no stray pin or nail holds a hope with great and drooling anticipation I  bite grab, and pulls the errant ones out of their carcasses.    

Jack is back

Yesterday I acquired a new jack plane, thus finally replacing the very first plane I ever purchased. The modern Stanley SB 4; it served me well. It was versatile when I needed it to be; covering functions of fore, jack, joiner, and smoother. I learned a lot with this plane, tho modern as it may …


I have done some pricing on the pieces that are for sale you may find them on the captions of the items for sale page. 

Of Trees

In things of trees one sees potential the life that will be and the life that is both must be taken note in the creation.