Shaker Sideboard

This winter I built a wonderful shaker side table or writing desk. The piece is made from clear pine and Douglas Fir. Working with these material was a pleasure; the pine was beautifully grained and came shooting out of the smoothing plane like streamers.

Shaker side table $50.00
Shaker side table $50.00

The tapered Douglas Fir legs are rock hard, and straight-grained.


The base is simply mortise and tenoned that features a bead along the apron and stained with a tinted stain of China red; this stain choice makes the top grain and color pop and shine.




The finish on this piece is simple Tung oil and wax; care for this piece simply involves rubbing Old English yellow furniture polish on it as needed. I am asking $50.00 for this piece, I will deliver if you live within 5 hrs of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If you would like the piece please leave a comment; first come first serve basis, and cash or check until I sell more pieces and set up a Pay Pal account. If the piece is sold and you still would like one please also contact me.


5 Replies to “Shaker Sideboard”

  1. I have made 100’s of similar in various sizes over the years and today, I could not buy the wood to make this for $50 and I have seen other example of these made by other craftsmen selling for 10 fold or more.

    If you are content, that is all that matters , right?

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