A peaceful new direction

Recently there has been some changes to the shop, my work, and my attitude towards my work and work pieces; they all have been good. These changes usher in a new focus on quality, the total form of the work, the flow of the piece, more original ideas, and a new focus on artistic ideas. I first want to say that all of this is because of my darling wife. I know if she reads this, she will blush and ask me why I mentioned her. As I said before my wife is the reason for these changes. We both design the pieces now, both as equal partners in the creative process any ideas or plans we draft have to be ran by each other; with a focus on artistic form, functionality, and the materials. With this renewed focus on artistic form brings the question of why? It came out of frustration on my part in the pieces I was making. They were and are nice, very functional and decent pieces, but that’s it. There was no excitement in them; the pieces did not show that furniture should be art, flowing in line and function and at the same time with the respect of the tree from which the wood came, and from which the grain tells me to do. With this in mind enter my wife: she holds degrees in art from a very good school, but has yet to find a substantial outlet for this wonderful gift. She has a masterful touch of line and flow of what a piece should be, and a hell-hound like focus once she gets an idea.

So with this in mind, the shop had been cleaned of clutter, off cuts, and material that had been cluttering the shop.




This creates, for me, a calm and piece about the work. If the shop is clean the focus is more on the work. With less material around it creates the focus on what the piece really needs. (and also gives more shop space) So, for me, this all has created a piece and clam that I have never had about my work. This is good, it solves problems faster, and allows me to focus on details and quality.

As a side note I also have nailed down a material supplier that has both wonderful material and good fair prices. More of what pieces I and my wife have designed will come.

Ben Kamp


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