Playing Ketchup

Well to put it frankly; it’s been a while. A lot has happened since I last took to typing. I got a new shop.

New shop with new 8' English workbench
New shop with new 8′ English workbench


I built a bench that I have always wanted to build. This by far was the fastest and easiest workbench I have made or run across. The plans themselves I used photos from Chris Swartz’ blog on the Naked Woodworker. If you follow the photos in order you build a very nice bench. I added a few fancy things like the Roman Ogees on the skirt, I lap-dovetailed and pinned the rails in between the legs, and I used 4×4 Douglas Fir for the legs.

I next built a trestle coffee table from reclaimed Oak and lumber store pine. I mortice and tenoned all joints using 17th century joinery. It was a very fun project that went very smooth.

Tressel coffee table
Trestle coffee table

Next It was into the wife’s sewing room. I built a hanging shelf to hang above her cutting table so she can have all her cutting tools at hand. This is loosely based off of some hanging tool shelves I’ve seen in paintings and photos of older shops. I’d like to make a larger version for either the shop or for mail and desk items.

Hanging shelf
Hanging shelf

I then was commissioned by the wife to make a cabinet for her. this has yet to complete itself…

Soon to be sewing cabinet.

This has been all very fun and exciting, with new and wonderful problems for me to play with. Recently I have begun to restore my father-in-law’s father’s tools, and one metal bodied Shelton plane. This has been a source of never-ending fun for me; to be able to see new life being brought back into well-loved tools. I will be receiving more of his tools later, but for now I have started on a tool chest for some of these tools and any other tool restorations, more on that later.

Shelton plane mostly restored.
Shelton plane mostly restored.
Box one of the Les Stutzman project.
Box one of the Les Stutzman project.
Stanley no. 35 smoothing plane
Stanley no. 35 smoothing plane
the "Les" at work.
the “Les” at work.

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