Open season on… Me!

While in the middle of a rather detailed and precision joinery based bench build, and a hefty material based project (If I ever say I want to work with tight grained and bone dry white oak do me a favor and run my arms through a meat grinder.) I’ve had some thoughts of other projects that I would love to build as well. With this in mind the pieces that I will build are moot. I will gladly build them, I love building board chests and tool chests. So without further delay here’s the pieces that have been floating around my head:

The trestle table: these are beautiful in their simplicity, and will last for generations.

Dining chairs: both Welsh, Shaker, and variance between the two appeal to me.

Work benches: I love building old world, traditional benches. These can be used as dining room tables, side boards, desks, or even for woodworking!

Book cases: Every book lover needs them. There are too many designs to list but building these excite me.

Stools: Both shaker and 17th century joined stools come to mind, but these are just loose stool ideas I’m playing with. (sorry couldn’t help myself)

All of these are ideas, beautiful general ideas that float through my mind like whiffs of summer breeze filled with nodes of salt water, pine forests, and camp fires. So with these ideas in mind let your imagination run wild and contact me ether by email, a comment, or a Facebook post or message.

Ben Kamp

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