New beginings and pieces you can order

Alright folks I’ve had a good long sabbatical from my writing mostly due to me building a traditional French workbench and English tool chest

Both these items I find are vital to my work. It was a sabbatical well spent. I have found new focus, and most of all the type of woodworking that I love.

Now due to certain Facebook post I have been pressed about taking orders. To put it frankly I got scared. I have never found particular pride in most of my work, and if pressed I will say it’s okay at best; it is a curse that pushes me to keep striving for perfection (and sharper tools, but who’s fault is that really) so with out further fussing here are the items that you may request an order. Please place your orders through this email and title them with the piece you would like. Lastly I would like to thank all of you for pushing to this very exciting, but mostly scary point.

Six board blanket chest

Small six board chest (with small till)

English tool chest (internal sliding tills, saw tills, and moulding plane storage will cost extra and will take longer)

French tool rack

Folding Roubo book stand

Carved cutting boards

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